1976Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Bachelors of Art

1972University of Idaho, Bachelors of Architecture


2011“Bears,” Platform Gallery, Seattle

2010“Mystery Train,” David Lusk Gallery, Memphis

“Big Trouble,” Missoula Art Museum

2009“American Beauty,” Platform Gallery, Seattle

“Behold the Head,” Elgin Community College, Illinois

“Heads,” Tony Wight Gallery, Chicago

2007“True Grit,” Platform Gallery, Seattle

“Big Trouble: The Idaho Project,” and “Shapers of the 20th Century,”
Boise Art Museum

London Art Fair, Platform Gallery

2006“Geronimo!” Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery, Chicago

2005“I Am What I Am,” Platform Gallery, Seattle

“Heads,” Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane

“Big Trouble: The Idaho Project,” Idaho Falls and Moscow, Idaho,
Salt Lake City Art Center, Utah, and Museum of Art and Culture, Spokane
(2005 through 2006)

2004“Scott Fife,” Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma

2003Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery, Chicago

The Evergreen State College Gallery, Olympia, Washington

1999“Betrayal,” Esther Claypool Gallery, Seattle

1998“Window Dressing,” Butch Blum, Seattle

1997“Wolves,” Lead Gallery, Seattle

1996Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Port Angeles, Washington

1994Cornish Art Institute, Seattle

Boise Art Museum, Boise, Idaho

Cheney Cowles Museum, Spokane

1992Henry Art Gallery, Seattle

1991Fuller/Elwood Gallery, Seattle

1990Galerie Redmann, Berlin

1989Fuller/Elwood Gallery, Seattle

1987Ed Kienholz’s Faith, Hope & Charity Gallery, Hope, Idaho

1985Galerie Redmann, Berlin

1979Diane Gilson Gallery, Seattle

1976Olson-Walker Gallery, Seattle


2013“Portraits of 20 Northwest Artists,” Museum of Northwest Art, LaConner, Washington

“High Fiber Diet, Bellevue Art Museum Biennial,” Bellevue, Washington

2012“Pinkpop,” Schunck Newseum, Heerlen, Netherlands

2011“Creatures: From Bigfoot to the Yeti Crab,” Sun Valley Center, Ketchum, ID

“Heads on Poles,” Western Exhibitions, Chicago

“Seattle Collects,” Seattle Art Museum

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“About Face,” Thomas Robertello Gallery, Chicago

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“The Secret Language of Animals,” Tacoma Art Museum

2008“Editioned,” Platform Gallery, Seattle

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Aqua Art Miami, Platform Gallery, Miami Beach

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Aqua Art Miami, Platform and Bodybuilder & Sportsman Galleries,

“Drawings,” Valerie Carberry Gallery, Chicago

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Frye Art Museum, Seattle

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2005“Nouvelle Nuptials,” San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design

2003“Seattle Collects,” City of Seattle

2003“Crossroads: New Art from the Northwest,” COCA, Seattle

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2000“End of Friends,” Esther Claypool Gallery, Seattle

1998“Animals,” Galerie Redmann, Berlin

1997“Friends of Kienholz,” Galerie Redmann, Berlin and Koln Art Fair

1995"Fallen Timber," Tacoma Art Museum

“Miracle on 34th St.,” Fremont Arts Council/NW Aids Foundation, Seattle

“Demolition Party,” The Henry Art Gallery

1994“Die Dritte Dimension” (The Third Dimension), Galerie Redmann, Berlin

1993“American Friends,” Galerie Redmann, Berlin

“Set The Table: Art & Food,” Bumbershoot, Seattle

1992FUEL Gallery, Seattle

1991Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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1989Galerie Redmann, Berlin

1989The University Art Gallery, Albany, NY

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“12 Meister des Trompe L'oiel,” Galerie Redmann, Berlin

1983“Kunst und Technik,” Museum fur Verkehr und Technik, Berlin

Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

1982Internationale Kunstmesse, Basel

1978Foster-White Gallery, Seattle


2011Artist in Residence, Pratt Institute of Art, Seattle

Individual Project Grant, King County 4Culture

2010Three Walls, Artist Residency, Chicago

Artist Trust, Grant Award, Seattle

Seattle Art Museum, Workshop

Tacoma Art Museum, Artist Lecture and Workshop

Public Art Concept, Washington State Heritage Building, Olympia

2009University of Illinois, Artist Lecture

2008Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, Artist Lecture

2006Cornish College, Seattle, Artist Lecture

2004Spokane Art Lecture Series, Museum of Art and Culture,
Spokane Community College, and Eastern Washington University

2003City of Seattle, Seattle Collects Purchase Award

2002Swedish Hospital, “Nurses Uniforms,” Seattle

Artist Trust, Grant Award, Seattle

2001Safeco Insurance Company, “ Safe at Home,” Safeco Field

2000Lambert Office, Seattle, Linoleum Floor Painting

1999State of Washington, “Overalls,” Renton School District

Mahaney Residence, St. Louis, Commission

1993Tacoma Art Museum, “About Face,” Best of Show Award

1990Geyser Foundation Guest Lecture, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA

1989Boyle Wagoner Architects, “Ax and Vase,” Seattle

Fellowship Award, New York Foundation for the Arts

1989Instructor, Walla Walla Art Center

1980Terrace Murals, Pike & Virginia Building, Seattle (Olson/Walker Architects)

1979Wall Murals, Rodgers Residence (Olson/Walker Architects)

Lobby & Ceiling Murals, Moscow Hotel, Moscow, Idaho (Olson/Walker Architects)

1978Lobby Murals, Blue Cross of Southern California Headquarters, Los Angeles

Lobby Mural, Fisher Studio Building, Seattle (Ralph Anderson Architect)

1976Sculpture Award, Western States Bi-Centennial, Great Falls, Montana


City of Seattle, “Geronimo”

Elgin Community College, Elgin, Illinois, “Lincoln”

Tacoma Art Museum, “Leroy the Big Pup”

Microsoft, Redmond, Washington

City of Seattle, “Marilyn” and “Teddy Roosevelt”

The State of Idaho

Swedish Hospital, Seattle

Safeco Company, Safeco Field, Seattle

State of Washington, Renton Technical College

Berlinische Galerie (City of Berlin), Berlin

Ed Kienholz and Nancy Reddin-Kienholz,

Hope & Charity Gallery, Idaho

Sammlung Froer, Oftersheim, Germany

Klauis und Bisela Groenke, Berlin

Sammlung Stahl, Berlin, Germany

Paul and Roberta K. Thompson, London

Zewawell, Mannheim, Germany

Ruth Braunstein Gallery, San Francisco

Hans and Helga Redmann, Berlin

Better Asher, Asher-Faure Gallery, Los Angeles

Helfreid und Elisabeth Gast, Munchen/Baldham

Blue Cross of Southern California